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 Zagazig University (ZU) was founded in 1974, as a state university, in accordance with the presidential decree number 18 to create and transfer knowledge that will shape citizens who contribute to their communities and lead their professions in a global society. 


The University is administered by a president appointed according to a presidential decree.

There are three vice presidents for: education and students affairs,graduate studies and research , and community service and environment affairs.

Zagazig University is governed by the university council, consisting of members drawn from the three vice presidents , Deans of the faculties and institutes, the university councilor, the Governor, and three distinguished experts .The university president is the head of the council. The council meets once a month


The mission of ZU is to advance applied knowledge and research to address societal needs, and to provide educational programs that maintain a balance between theory and application and that prepare students for careers in professional fields.

The mission of Zagazig University is to be a leading institute of higher education that expands knowledge through research and teaching.

Among its faculty members, students, and staff, the university develops skills and cultivates rational thought and wisdom.

To fulfill its mission the university strives for quality, innovation, and continuous improvements as it pursues the following goals:

•To participate in the development of the society.

•To enhance and improve teaching and learning.

•To strengthen scholarly research and creative achievements.

•To develop and enhance the infrastructure, and resources of the university.

•To enhance the management system and mechanisms of the university.

•To improve and rationalize the work environment.

•To advance and broaden global perspectives of the university


The vision of ZU is to increase external research funding significantly in the years (2008-2012); to increase focus on research that has direct relevance to the needs of the society, industry, and culture; to have active role in developing strategic international relationships; and to achieve Computer Automation for all university information systems.

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