D open the door to apply for the Fulbright Scholarship Program for Graduate Studies for the academic year 2014-2015 Date: 14/05/2013

Fulbright Scholarship Program for Graduate Studies offers a unique opportunity for graduate students (Masters and PhD) Egyptians to study and conduct research in the United States of America to get a degree from the American universities in all disciplines except medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine.
The program provides grants the following:
1 - grants to get a master's degree.
2 - Granting conduct research and collect scientific material for students enrolled for a master's degree or doctorate in one of the Egyptian universities.
3 - Granting artists to conduct research and attend specialized classes (Master Classes) in their technical fields.
Note that the grant covers accommodation expenses, health insurance and travel to and from the United States in addition to participating in the tuition expenses for a master's degree and arts grants.
Terms of the grant:
1 - to be an Egyptian national, and excludes requests for holders of green cards or U.S. passports.
2 - to possess a bachelor's degree with a minimum "good" for applicants in American studies, humanities, and social sciences and a minimum of "Very Good" for applicants in the field of science.
3 - the experience of not less than two years after graduation at the time of submitting the application.
4 - Passing the exam TOEFL institutional 550 degree or equivalent.
5 - Non-obtaining a master's degree or doctorate is required to get what benefit the progress of the Master or doctoral thesis register them in Egyptian universities.
6 - to grant the applied arts and theater: get 3 reports qualification to participate in artistic activities after graduation and TOEFL is not required.
For more information, please visit the website
For inquiries e-mail infosession@bfce.eun.eg
For technical support contact and visit development projects management unit university
0552372518 T /
01274547464 Mobile /
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Or e-mail contact for the unit:

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