Workshop on scientific thinking skills and arguments - the DAAD

 The Development Projects Management Unit in coordination with the DAAD announces about a training workshop for (Scientific thinking and argumentation skills) which Dr. / Mohamed Taha, lecturer at the GUC will lecture in it on Sunday, December 15, 2013 starting at nine in the morning at the Development Projects Management Unit and the gentlemen who wish to participate from young faculty members (Assistant Professor - Lecturer) and their assistants (Assistant Lecturer - Instructor), should register their names and fill in the prepared form at the Unit and duration of the program will be 6 hours. 

By the end of the session the trainee will be able to: 
 • Implementing the scientific method steps in solving problems. 
• Make scientific observations and describe it an accurate description. 
• Distinguish between positive and negative connotations. 
• Distinguish between observations, fact, opinion and conclusion. 
Make a conclusion based on data . 
• Identify good arguments and false arguments. 
• A report on how to make supposition for a particular problem in any field of study fields
• How to submit a hypothesis for a particular problem in any field. 
• Analyze information to confirm or reject a particular hypothesis. 
Attendance will be given a certificate from the DAAD 

Knowing that the registration starts from today and the last date for registration is on Thursday, May 13, 2013 at the project management unit

For technical support, contact and visit the Development Projects Management Unit at the university 
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