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A.A. Al-Gendy
Food Chemistry118, 519-524 Rank: A
Glucosinolates, volatile constituents and biological activities of
ErysimumcorinthiumBoiss. (Brassicaceae)
A.A Al-Gendya'*, O.D. El-gindib, AI.S.Hafezb, A.M. Ateyaa
aFaculty of Pharmacy, Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt
bFaculty of Pharmacy, Al- Azharg University, Cairo, Egypt
Fresh leaves, roots and ripe seeds of ErysimumcorinthiumBoiss. (Brassicaceae) were
investigated to uncover their glucosinolate contents through natural autolysis and
exogenous myrosinase hydrolysis. The hydrolysis products were submitted to CC-MS
analysis. Six glucosinolates were identified for the first time in this plant; namely,
sinigrin, progoitrin, glucoiberin, 3-(methylcarbonyl)propylglucosinolate,
glucocheirolin and glucoerysolin. ClucocheiroJin was the major compound
accumulated in the seeds and progoitrin was the major compound in the roots, while
3-(methylcarbonyl)propylglucosinolate was the major compound in the leaves. Other
volatile constituents, e.g., terpenes and fatty acids esters were also identified. Seeds
and leaves showed higher antimicrobial activity than roots. Seeds showed a marked
cytotoxicity in vitro against colorectal, hepatic and Hela cell lines.
Keywords:Erysimitincorinttiiiun – Brassicaceae – Glucosinolates – Isothiocyanates -
Volatile constituents - Antimicrobial and cytotoxicity

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