An announcement about the acceptance of the published researches in the international scientific journals

  An announcement 


The publication in the international scientific journals is one of the 
important basic factors in theinternational classification of universities and since 2005, the University Council approved onrewarding the faculty members on their publication in international journals by paying an incentive money for publication. 

As part of encouraging the faculty members and their assistants on doing scientific research and publication in 
international scientific journals with high reputation,  the University each year supports published scientific research in international scientific journals. 

The University Council in its meeting No. (451) on December 24, 2014 
approved on the acceptance of the published researches in 2013 as of December 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014 and applying should be with the original copies of the researches after publishing it in scientific journals by writing the  publishing yearthe volume number and page numbers and proofs of publication wil not be accepted at all, provided that the name of Zagazig University must be registered clearly within the main body of the submitted research to arbitration also there will be no more than one reasearcher in the same research, whether at the same the college or any of the university faculties. 

And to provide the researcher benefit from unit management information systems beside the university researcher been fulfilled according to the form of the data entered basic research and scientific database management information systems
Please fill out the attached form and submit it with each search.
download the application form press here


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