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Mohamed A. Hashem
Research in Veterinary Science, 2010, 89, 168-173 Rank: B

Comparative biochemical studies on steroidogenic compounds in
Mohamed O.T. Badr\ Mohamed A. Hashem1'1, Nissreen N. Gadoh
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University, Zagazig 44519, Egypt *
Comparative studios of ihc effects of Nordette and hutofolone on i 5 days old chicken
wore cai nod out to determine their effects on growth performance, biochemical
parameters and an analysis of hormonal residues in (ho liver and muscle. Sixty
chickens were equally divided into three groups. Croup 1 was served as a control.
(,roups2 and 3 were treated daily with Nordette (1 mg/kg B.W..' inixod in the ration
and l.utotoione (O.ri mg/kg B.W.) orally via a bent stainless steel feeding tube,
respectively, lor 50 days drum the 15th till the 45t:h day old). Then these treated
groups were leitt'oi another 1 5 days without any treatment. Blood samples were
collected at 45 and (>0 days old and used Tor biochemical studies, while liver and
muscles were excised from each chicken and used to prepare tissue' homogcnatelor
estimation of hormonal residues (estrogen and progesterone).
Both drugs caused a gam in body weight. They also increased .several serum
variables, including alanme aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate ammotransferase
(AST), cholesterol, croatinekmase (CK), creatinmo and uric acid, and reduced total
proteins, albumin and globulin levels at JO days post-administration. Moreover, this
sttidy exhibited a significant increase, in the levels of estrogcn residues in the liver
and muscle. Hstrogcn level w/as much higher in the liver than muscles. However,
some of these findings were insignificant changed at 15 days post-stopping of the
hormones. Data on the biochemical parameters and residue levels obtained from these
results clearly indicate that anabolic agents may entail a special risk 10 the chickens
and probably to the consumer.


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