Entrepreneurial Innovation Competition Contest of student activities at the University of Zagazig

Entrepreneurial Innovation Competition

Contest of student activities at the University of Zagazig
Our belief in the importance of empowering students and support their participation in volunteer activities are held figures contest Entrepreneurial Innovation between Student Activities at the level of Zagazig University sponsored by the Academy Premiere of excellence training and Zagazig University and Library Egypt General Zagazig, in the period from December 5, 2012 to February 20, 2013
Competition objectives:
1 - increase student participation in student activities
2 - stimulate student activities to be more creativity
3 - creating a competitive environment between the student activities to increase the effectiveness and impact of social
4 - recognize outstanding activities
Target of the competition:
College student unions and student families and student Modlz and scientific societies and student initiatives in all colleges and institutes of the University of Zagazig
Honors the winning teams in the competition in the closing ceremony of the three sides:
1 - Zagazig University
2 - Premiere Academy of Excellence Premier Mideast Academy training
3 - Egypt Public Library in Zagazig
As you get all the participating teams on the certificates as mentioned by the Centre for each team in the competition
Advantages team's participation in the contest:
1 - shed light on the activities of the team and the role played by the
2 - the opportunity to obtain an advanced position in the order of competition at the university level
3 - get intensive training through the stages of the competition
4 - a competitive presence in the field raises the Hamas members of the team
5 - Configure the largest network of relationships that serve the team in other activities
6 - honors on three sides
Participate in the competition:
You can download the application form in the competition (from here)
And send it to the e-mail of the contest:
EIC.PREMIER @ gmail.com
For more information please contact:
01116078762 Mobile:
E-mail: eic.premier @ gmail.com

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