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د/ امل محمد الدخاخني



Life Science Journal, 2011, 8(1) Rank: C



Impact of an Educational Program on Nursing Care of Neonates with Congenital






Amal Mohamed El-Dakhakhny



Pediatric Nursing Dept., Faculty of Nursing, Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt.



Journal of American Science, 2011, 7(1) Rank: D



Quality of Life of School Age Thalassemic Children at Zagazig City



Amal M El Dakhakhny*1, Mervat A Hesham2, Samah E Mohamed3, Favvzia N






Pediatric Nursing Dept, Faculty of Nursing1, Faculty of Medicine2, Pediatric Nursing Dept.3, Pediatric



Nursing Dept 4- Zagazig University , Zagazig , Egypt dr_amal2001 @yahoo.com



د/ ماجدة عطیة جابر



Journal of American Science; 2011, 7(11) Rank: D



Development of Clinical Teaching Skills Standards



Magda Atiya Gaber



Department of Nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing. Zagazig University, Egypt



dr.magda_gaher@ yahoo.com



د/ ایمان السید محمد الصباغ



Journal of American Science, 2011; 7(9) Rank: D



Impact of Health Education Intervention on Knowledge and Practice about



Menstruation among Female Secondary School Students in Zagazig City



Eman shokry Abd Allah and Eman Elsayed Mohammed Elsabagh*



Community Health Nursing, 2Obstetric and Gynecology Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Zagazig



University *emanmmn@hotmail.com



د/ایمان شكري عبدالله



Journal of American Science, 2011; 7(1) Rank: D



Prevalence, Risk Assessment and Impacts of Eye Diseases among School



Children in Cairo, Egypt



Essam A. El-Moselhy1; Hosam S. Abo-Seif2; Eman S. Abd Allah*3 and Ahmed A.






Department of Community Medicine1; Department of Ophthalmology Faculty of Medicine



A!-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.



Department of Community Health Nursing", Faculty of Nursing, Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt.


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