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د/حاتم السید عبدالواحد السمري
Int. J. Contemp. Math. Sciences, 2011, 6(35): 1699 -1712 Rank: D
The Applications of the 2011Modified Generalized Gamma Distribution in Inventory
I. M. Abd El-Fatah, M. E. Mead and H. E. Semary
Department of Statistics, Faculty of Commerce Zagazig University, Egypt hatem.semary@yahoo.com
د/اسامه السید عراقي محمد ابوقاسم
Int. J. Contemp. Math. Sciences, 2011, 6(35):1713 -1724 Rank: D
Estimation for the Parameters of the Exponentiated Weibull Distribution Based on
Progressive Hybrid Censored Samples
A. M. Salem and O. E. Abo-Kasem
Department of Statistics Faculty of Commerce - Zagazig.Universit, Egypt
Samia_a_salem@y ahoo.com, usama_eraky@yahoo.com
د/ معتز بالله احمد مؤمن
J. of Applied accounting research, 2011; 12(3), 278 - 293 Rank: D
Rethinking budgetary slack as budget risk management
Moataz Elmassri, Elaine Harris
Department of accounting Faculty of Commerce - Zagazig. University, Egypt
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